Health and Safety Protocols

Please review our health and safety protocols

In Person Meetings

Prior to attending any in person event, please self respond to questions on this BSA screening form.

We will follow the lead of Williamson County Schools and guidance from First Baptist Church on whether to meet in person or virtually. When we are meeting in-person, the following guidelines shall be followed:

  1. Indoors, masks will be required regardless of vaccination status. Outdoors masks are optional.
  2. Attendance indicates attestation of responses to standard COVID-19 screening –
  3. Whenever possible we will hold outdoor meetings
  4. Volunteers to clean up and sanitize after each meeting

To best communicate with everyone, parents need to verify that they have access to Scoutbook, can see Pack 345 and their scout in that system, and have opted in on the text messaging system.

The Scoutbook Tutorial for Parents is a great guide to start out in this area.

Youth Protection

In addition to health guidelines outlined above, we are asking every parent to complete Youth Protection Training this year to best protect the safety of the youth we serve.

Finally, it is important that each parent review the parents guides and anti-bullying resources provided by BSA with your child. These are difficult but necessary conversations to have with our youth.

For more health and safety guidelines, please visit the website of Boy Scouts of America.

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