2021 Popcorn Fundraiser

Bill Allen, Popcorn Kernel

My name is Bill Allen and I am excited to be serving as Popcorn Kernel for Pack 345 this year. 

This fundraiser helps us provide the best opportunities for our Scouts and the more we do the more funds we have available to do some great outings with the Pack. In order to keep our costs as low as possible and provide the BEST possible program year for our scouts, we need to raise over $20,000 from our popcorn fundraiser this year.

This means each scout is asked to help by selling about $500 of popcorn product in order to help us meet our goal. That works out to around 20-25 items on average.

2021-22 Pack Budget

Sell Popcorn Online

To get started selling online, follow these steps:

Step 1. Login to Trails End and check your account.  Reset the password if you forgot it or setup a new account if you’ve never had one before.  https://www.trails-end.com/login

If you didn’t get an invite or need to be added contact bill@blackjackre.com

Step 2.  Sit down with your child and create their online sales page.  Really it’s just uploading a photo and writing a few sentences about them.  To do this, once you login just click the Manage Page section.  From there it should be pretty self explanatory.  At the top of that section you can see the links to share all over social media or copy the link. 

Here is an example so you can see what it looks like: https://www.trails-end.com/store/scout/KS0Z2G3Q?share=Y4SIY4TB 

Step 3.  Post that link on social media and email it out to your family and friends. 

Sell Popcorn Using Take Order Form

Starting August 16 and until take order forms are due back to Pack 345 on Tuesday October 12, you can sell and collect money from friends, family and neighbors using the online take order form that you can print and take to your office or door-to-door.

Download and print the take order form to get started selling today!

Sell At Show And Sell Events

This year, we will have opportunities to sell product at Kroger in Thompson’s Station as well as at the Hidden Gem Farmers Market.

Sign up to help sell popcorn at a show and sell event

Sunday September 12, 2021 – Noon to 6 PM at Kroger, 4700 Traders Way, Thompson’s Station

Sunday September 19, 2021 – 3 to 6 PM at Kroger, 4700 Traders Way, Thompson’s Station

And every Saturday from 11 AM to 2 PM at the Hidden Gem Farmers Market in Spring Hill.

Remember when selling, we ask all scouts to wear Class A uniform and that you are selling scouting (not popcorn). Offer customers the opportunity to help the local scouting program: “Would you like to support scouts by purchasing some yummy popcorn?”


One of our offerings that gets the most bang for the buck is popping corn! Check out some of our favorite Popcorn Recipes.

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Bill Allen, Popcorn Kernel

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