YPT For All

Starting in 2021 in order to continue to make scouting as safe an environment as possible for our youths, we are requiring all parents and adults associated with youth in our unit (grandparents, aunts, uncles) – regardless of whether they are registered leaders – to complete the BSA Youth Protection Training course every two years.

Why Should I Take Youth Protection If I’m Not a Registered Leader?

There are many reasons to take YPT course:

1. You want to attend an overnight campout with our unit – in this case YPT is required!
2. Great information about youth protection issues that raise awareness and promote positive conversations at home with your child
3. YPT helps protect our children and youth
4. One less thing you have to do if you decide you’d like to help through volunteering as a leader!

Please submit your Youth Protection Training certificates on completion of the course to mattdurlin@gmail.com.

Youth Protection Training is available on the BSA website: https://training.scouting.org/programs/6

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